As part of our vision, we are striving to build community partners that can give our students the knowledge, expertise, and experiences that will help inspire their passions and drive their pathways for future endeavors. We are reaching out to local businesses and community leaders to design these experiences for our students. We have four ways we feel organizations can best lend their expertise and share in the innovative programs ILH is creating with our Pathways and Design Thinking classes.

If you would like to partner with ILH, please contact Gabriel Surface at or 812-344-8874.

Leader in Innovation Speaker Series

Students will be researching and learning about several different careers and the pathways people take to land in those careers. We believe one of the most important pieces to learning about a particular career or pathway is hearing directly from individuals who have completed the work to reach their career goals. Everyone has a story, and our students would love to hear yours. We encourage speakers to bring pictures and artifacts that represent the work they do and the challenges they faced reaching their goals. A member of our Community Team would be happy to meet with any LISS Speaker to assist in planning and implementation of their student presentation.


ILH School Experience

We firmly believe that true learning occurs when the head, heart, and hands are all engaged. Hands on experiences can lead to a true understanding of what career professionals actually do on a day to day basis. We are inviting leaders in all professions to lead experiences with our students, in their classrooms, to give them a real sense of what their career involves.


  • An architect may assist students in building a model of a home or business using cardboard.
  • An electrician may work with students to build a basic circuit that allows them to turn on an off LED lights.
  • A local chef may work with students to determine how much of different ingredients they need to buy based on a recipe and how many people they are serving.

A member of our Community Team will assist our industry partners in the planning, development, and implementation of all School Experiences. We would love for our industry partners to supply materials needed for experiences, but we will work with you to ensure our students have what they need to provide the best experience possible.


Industry Field Experience

Our field experiences will be a pivotal piece of our Pathways program. We are seeking industry partners to provide on-site experiences that will give our students a glimpse into what it’s like to wake up and go to work for a variety of industries. Students would benefit from tours of the facility, getting to see, touch, or use any equipment, and meeting some of the key staff that your organization employs. Any real-life experiences the students could have to show them what employees in your industry do would be extremely helpful. Like other experiences, we would be happy to have a member of our Community Team work with you to prepare for students to be on-site and determine what programing might be best for them to take part in.


Innovation Exhibition Expert

Every six to nine weeks, students at ILH will design innovative solutions to community problems as part of our Design Thinking Challenges. Students will walk through the design thinking process, building empathy for the users of their designs and using a “maker’s mindset” to brainstorm, prototype, and test their solutions. These solutions will then be put on display for experts to provide feedback and give awards to those best meeting the parameters of the challenge. We are looking for experts in technology, engineering, art and design, mechanics, entrepreneurship, and other fields to give expert feedback on solutions relating to their fields of expertise.