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What is the uniform policy?

  • Students should wear ILH branded shirt. We do NOT allow homemade shirts.
  • Pants should be a solid color WITHOUT holes or decorations. No leggings. Shoes should be closed toe & closed heel. Hoodies are NOT allowed and if you ordered one over the summer please notify us and we will trade it for a regular sweatshirt (no hood) at no cost.
  • Students can wear jackets into the school but once they get to class, they have to hang the jacket up for the remainder of the day.
  • Students are encouraged to wear long-sleeve shirt underneath ILH shirt, in case they get cold easily. Remember, hoodies are NOT allowed.
  • If your student is not dressed within dress code we will call and request that appropriate clothing/shoes be brought to the school before they return to class.


Also, we have a selection of gently used pants that are ILH uniform policy approved. They will be on sale if you are in need of school appropriate pants. Feel free to also send cash with your child if they need to shop. We cannot guarantee we will have the size you need but we have a large assortment! Thanks so much to our staff that went out and bought these! We’re all in this together. We appreciate your cooperation with this matter!

** $2 cash or $3 on square. **

Where can I order more uniforms?

You can buy t-shirts from our front office at anytime that we are open. For all other uniform items, please order them online when the store is open using this link:



Where can I go to see my students most recent grades?

We use Alma as our SIS and Gradebook.  You can go to www.inventlearning.getalma.com and access the parent portal.  You will need your login information.  If you do not have this information, contact the school.

Where can I find more information about the IREAD-3 Assessment?

IREAD-3 is often a daunting question for students and families.  You can click here to find out more about what is tested, who is tested, and much more.


Where can I find more information on the new iLEARN assessment?

We know that with a new assessment, there are a lot of questions.  The state has put out a lot of information to keep parents in formed.  You can go here to find out more about the iLEARN assessment and what it means for your child.

What is design thinking?

Design thinking is an inquiry based framework for thinking about the world around us and solving difficult problems.  Invent Learning Hub will be using the framework to teach students how to find solutions to tough problems in their community.  Your students will build their empathy for others, creativity, problem solving skills, and ability to communicate effectively with others.  We truly feel it will be transformative for our students.

IDEO is one of the leaders of Design Thinking, and you can find out more about this way of thinking here.

Click here to learn more about our design thinking program directly from members of our team.

Do you provide before/after school care?

We do have a free after school program and can take up to 25 students for families providing proof of need.  This program is sponsored by Southeast Community Services and runs until 5:00 Monday-Thursday.  We also partner with a few other community care providers to offer before/after school care to our families.

We also offer bussing to the following before/after care options:

WEE Care Early Learning Center
Accepts CCDF
Provides before and after school care

Lilly Boy’s and Girl’s Club
Provides after school care for $25 for the year.

How do I share my concerns with the school?

Please reach out to the school staff to discuss any concerns you have.  You can email or call Executive Director, Aleicha Ostler, at aostler@inventlearning.org and 317-503-0265.

If you spoken with Ms. Ostler and you feel the concern has not been handled, you can contact a board member here.  Please note, that if you have not spoken with Ms. Ostler first, the board member will direct you to that step in the process.

Can I review the minutes of past board meetings?

Yes, you can review all of the meeting notes below.

2024 – May

2024 – April – no scheduled meeting

2024 – March

2024 – February – no scheduled meeting

2024 – January 

2023 – December – no scheduled meeting

2023 – November 


2023 – September – no scheduled meeting

2023 – August

2023 – May

2023 – April – no scheduled meeting

2023 – March

2023 – February – no scheduled meeting

2023 – January 

2022 – December – no scheduled meeting

2022 – November

2022 – October – no scheduled meeting

2022 – September

2022 – August

2022 – July – no scheduled meeting

2022 – June

2022 – May

2022 – April – no scheduled meeting

2022 – March

2022 – February – no scheduled meeting

2022 – January

2021 – December (No scheduled Meeting)

2021 – November ILH Board Meeting.docx

2021 – October ILH Board Meeting – Cancelled

2021 – September ILH Board Meeting

2021 – August ILH Board Meeting

2021 – July ILH Board Meeting

2021 – May ILH Board Meeting

2021 – April ILH Board Meeting

2021 – March ILH Board Meeting

2021 – February ILH Board Meeting

2021 – January Board Notes

2020 – August ILH Board Meeting.docx

2020 – July ILH Board Meeting.docx

2020 – June ILH Board Meeting.docx

2020 – May ILH Board Meeting.docx

2020 – April ILH Board Meeting.docx

2020 – February ILH Board Meeting.docx

2020 – January Invent Learning Hub Board-Meeting-Minutes.docx

Where can I find more information about ILH's High Ability Program?

Download the document below to learn more about our High Ability Program.

ILH High Ability Selection

How can I review my school's most recent re-entry plan and use of ESSER funding?

You can review our most recent COVID plan below.

Covid Plan

Feedback concerning this plan can be submitted at tinyurl.com/ILHcovidplan or by email to smiers@inventlearning.org

Use of ESSER Funding

Where can I access ILH's GPS Report Card?

You can access Invent Learning Hub’s Graduates Prepared to Succeed (GPS) card by clicking HERE!

Where can I find information about McKinney-Vinto (Homelessness) Resources?

District Liaison:

Carrie Bennet


IDOE State Coordinator:

Flora Jones

317-232-0957, mckinneyventopoc@doe.in.gov

  • Learn more about homeless student rights here.
  • Check out the DOE website for McKinney Vento here.
  • Find additional resources here.